Highwood Copse Primary School

Vision & Values


Highwood Copse Primary School will provide the best academic, creative, spiritual, moral and emotional education possible, striving for excellence in all that we do.

Our school is a place where the children are central to every decision we make.  We will ensure our children are safe and successful; they will grow during their time with us to be ambitious and resilient.  We are proud that our children are learning to be courageously outspoken, but behave with integrity.  The staff and school will be highly effective, well-organised, efficient, and well-resourced.  We will provide an exciting and stimulating learning environment and our talented, well-informed teachers will inspire and motivate children, encouraging scholarship, intellectual curiosity, independent thought and effective learning habits.  Children will be encouraged to celebrate Britain as a diverse society, have an understanding of social justice, fight against discrimination, provide service for others, and show respectful and well-informed views about their own community and the wider world.

We proud to be part of a wider, caring community and our values of love, faith, joy, hope, peace, trust, respect, and integrity underpin all that we do.  These values are rooted in our vision which is implemented through our specially designed curriculum, our worship, our reflection spaces and learning ethos and environment.  Together this supports us as we help our children to learn key knowledge and skills so they will be able to rise to the challenges, opportunities and responsibilities that future life will bring. 

The relationship between children, teachers and families is the cornerstone for security and success for each and every child.  The years that the children spend in our school are formative years, when they discover themselves, develop their character, their individuality, their abilities and talents, their interests and their strengths.  Through our inspiring and innovative curriculum we will ensure our children are nurtured, encouraged, developed and praised.

Highwood Copse Primary School’s values, environment and ethos enable all members of the community to be nurtured, to thrive and flourish.  The love and care we exemplify, along with the systems and structures in school, ensures everyone grows spiritually, socially, morally and culturally and has the courage to act in a principled way.