Highwood Copse Primary School

Welcome from the Principal

Each of us begins our journey warmed by embers. Small at first, almost indiscernible… these are the golden sparks which become our indomitable passions, our restless curiosities, our appetite for life.

At Highwood Copse, we believe that excellent education is child-centred. The flame of each individual in our school has a colour and brightness of its own; it feeds on different inspiration, different questions, different impressions. Recognising that each child has a fire which burns differently, we provide an ambitious, holistic, educational experience that gives children the intellectual, social and cultural freedom to roam the world and explore its treasures, beyond the classroom and into the future. Uncompromising excellence is at the core of the eclectic opportunities we offer, for we understand that the world will be great because of the greatness of its children.

Our school is populated with learners who are consistently kind, determined, independent and resilient. We develop children who recognise the importance of motivation and intention. In an environment rich in wonder, our children discover the bravery to dream, and they develop the courage and daring to, one day, "disturb the universe”.

Serraphina Robinson, Principal